Harvard Business School Club


    The Harvard Business Club gathers all HBS alumni residing in France. It provides networking opportunities for alumni to stay connected to the School and with each other.

    Several members of our Honorary Board are HBS alums:

    His Excellency François BUJON de l’ESTANG (MBA’82), former French ambassador to the US and former chairman of Citigroup France.

    Mr Ariel WEIL (MBA’03), Vice President at Moody’s.

    Mr Nicolas LANDRIN (MBA’99), Partner at i-Source.


    Any member of the Harvard Club of France with an HBS-related degree can join the HBS club and vice versa. Please note that separate membership fees apply.


    The missions of the HBS club in France is to

    – Advance the mutual welfare of Harvard Business School and its alumni

    – Provide opportunities for alumni to remain connected to the School and each other

    – Promote and elevate the stature of the School within the community

    – Attract the world’s most talented individuals to Harvard Business School

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