Women in Art: Here Not Here

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    Women in Art: Here Not Here

    • 11 Oct 2019
    • H-Gallery

    The Event

    Women in Art: "Here Not Here"
    Private view and talk with Artist Alexandra Hedison at H-Gallery.

    In "Here Not Here", Hedison explores the space between identifiable points. Core structures that frame a forest floor reveal the seasonal growth and its own cycle of life and death. The scale of large photographs places us in the midst of a world where the destination is both in sight and out of reach. Hedison's images underscore the allegorical physicality of a journey from a recognizable place to one that is unfamiliar.

    Hedison offers glimpses of a passage, an opportunity for imagination, all the while focusing on the shifting balance between absence and presence, shadows and light.

    Join us in this invitation beyond the immediacy of tangible materials, a call towards a deeper, unknown place of discovery just out of reach, promising possibility...

    Discover the Artist

    Alexandra Hedison lives and works in Los Angeles and deploys in her photographs the notion of transition and passage- a fleeting state she refers to as «the in between.» Her work deals with the interstices between tradition and novelty both familiar and mysterious, the projections of «here» and «beyond,» all the while studying their mutual relationship. The change of perspective requires the courage to face the unrevealed, the hidden and the uncomfortable. It is in this state of suspension that the unexpected occurs; arguably a fundamental element to creativity itself.

    Alexandra Hedison's work is collected in the United States, Canada and Europe as well as Saudi Arabia, Russia and Southeast Asia. Widely greeted by critics, Hedison's work evokes notions of loss and the ultimate return to oneself.

    Discover the H-Gallery

    After 14 years working in New-York, Singapore and Paris (more recently at the Pinacothèque), Hélianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin opens the H-Gallery (www.h-gallery.fr ) in Paris in 2016. Her artistic line is based on the discovery and promotion of talents who have never or rarely been shown in France: whether they are European artists or, more particularly, artists who live and work in North America and Latin America.

    The gallery is firmly committed to the promotion of women artists who represent more than 40% of the artists' panel. Hélianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin has also collaborated with artists Clara Feder and Liu Bolin on projects around the notion of female solidarity in the art world.

    WHEN: Friday October 11 2019, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
    WHERE: H-Gallery, 90 rue de la Folie-Méricourt, 75011 Paris 
    COST: Members: 10 € / Non-Members: 15 €

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