Become a Benefactor

    Benefactors and Patrons are members who wish to show their additional support and loyalty to Harvard Club of France by pledging extra money.

    If you wish to become a Benefactor or Patron for the 2015/16 season, you can do so when renewing your membership

    2015 / 2016 Patrons (P) & Benefactors (B)

    The Harvard Club of France gracefully acknowledges the exceptional giving from the following members:

    (B) Philip AUERBACH (BA'61)
    (P) François BAUDU (GMP' 09)
    (B) Charles-Etienne BOST (PLD'14)
    (B) Patrice BRES (AMP'05)
    (P) Joseph CAMPBELL (MPP'78)
    (P) Jakob HAESLER (MPA'99)

    (B) Elizabeth KAN BRAEKMAN (BA'85)
    (B) Philip KIMBROUGH (JD'80)
    (P) John MCLOUGHLIN (AB'70)
    (B) Eric MORGAN DE RIVERY (LLM'77)

    (B) Anne-Marijke MORGAN DE RIVERY (LLM'80)
    (B) Timothy RYBACK (GSAS'88)
    (B) David VILLENEUVE (GSAS'83)
    (B) Sally WILLIAMS-ALLEN (MAT'65)