Become a College Interviewer

    Become a Harvard College Interviewer

    Do you want to give back and help shape the Harvard College of the future?

    Then why don’t become a Harvard College Interviewer? It is a great rewarding experience as you will meet some of France’s most brilliant young people and be able to share your own Harvard experience. It is also an excellent way to tighten your connection with Harvard and be part of a community of all ages and backgrounds.

    Role of the Harvard Interview Committee

    Each year approximately 60 lycée students – French, American or international – apply to Harvard College from France. The role of the Harvard Interview Committee is to assist the Office of Admissions by interviewing these candidates

    Criteria for Becoming a Harvard College Interviewer

    Any Harvard Club of France Member can join the interviewing committee.

    Recent Graduates, Harvard College Undergraduates, and Degree-Holders of any Harvard school living outside Paris in the four corners of France are particularly encouraged to join.

    Besides their Harvard degree affiliation, interviewers shall

    – Be an active listener

    – Commit as you are expected to conduct from 2 to 5 one-hour interviews

    – Possess strong writing skills as you will be asked to submit online a thoughtful report within a week of running each interview.

    The Interview Process

    The interviewing season runs from November to March inclusive. Interviewers will be provided guidance and be matched with candidates sharing their interests.

    About the Harvard Interview Committee

    Claire MAYS POUMADERE (AB ’81) and Bruce GOGEL (AB ’58) co-chair the Harvard Interview Committee and welcome anyone wishing to join the interview panel.

    Interested ? Apply here

    The HIC seeks also to improve its process with online tools and training a replacement Schools chair for France. If you wish to get involved in those aspects, contact Claire and Bruce here.

    If you are a candidate applying to Harvard College and wish to obtain an interview, contact us here.