Harvard in France

    Harvard in France constitutes a vibrant, dynamic and diverse community. We are privileged to host the second largest Harvard alumni base with more than 2100 alumni and to be among the most active clubs in Europe.

    Harvard alums are engaged across all segments of society from Business to Government, Higher Education to NGOs. Our members lead international organizations, manage law firms and create start-up ventures. They bring their talents and energy to the Sciences, Arts and Media.

    Our Club's membership ranges from the classes of 1946 to 2015, a remarkable 70-year span that reflects our ambition to not only build bridges across the different Harvard schools, but also across generations.

    Key Figures

    As of November 2014, there were 2,173 Harvard Alumni in France who attended college, a graduate school, a degree-granting program or a certificate program or programs of at least eight weeks cumulative duration.


    Harvard Business School


    Graduate School of Arts and Sciences


    Harvard College


    Harvard Law School


    Harvard Kennedy School of Government


    Harvard Graduate School of Design


    Harvard School of Public Health


    Harvard Graduate School of Education


    Harvard Extension School


    Harvard School of Dental Medicine


    Harvard Divinity School


    Harvard Medical School


    Radcliffe College

    Famous Harvard Alumni in France

    Here is a sampling of Harvard alums who are currently actively contributing to foster Harvard's quest for excellence in France.


    HE Jane Hartley (HKS), US ambassador to France
    HE François Bujon de l'Estang (HBS), former France's ambassador to the US
    HE Giandomenico Magliano (HKS), Italy's ambassador to France
    HE Crystal Nix Hines (HLS), US ambassador to Unesco
    HE Dionisio Pérez-Jácome (HKS), Mexico's ambassador to the OECD


    Nathalie Portman (COLL), actress and film producer


    His Highness Karim Aga Khan IV (COLL)

    International Organizations

    Irina Bokova (HKS), Director General of Unesco
    Gabriela Ramos (HKS), OECD's Chief of Staff and Sherpa to the G20
    Dr Timothy Ryback (GSAS), Deputy Director of the International Diplomatic Academy


    Jean Burelle (HBS), President of Medef International and owner of Plastic Omnium
    Pierre Gadoneix (HBS), former CEO of Gaz de France
    Olivier Grémillon (HBS), Managing Director of Airbnb Europe
    Hélène Reltgen (HBS), Senior Partner at Egon Zehnder International
    Philippe Huet (HKS), Senior Executive Vice-President at Electricité de France


    Pierre Lellouche (HLS), Member of Parliament, former Minister for European Affairs
    Bernard Bajolet (HKS), Director General of DGSE, France's Intelligence Service
    Olivier Buquen (HBS), State Controller and former Head of France's Economic Intelligence Office.


    Jean Claude Blanc (HBS), Deputy Director of Paris Saint-Germain football team


    Jean Daniel Feltzaquier
    Serge Schmemann (COLL), member of the editorial board of the International New York Times
    Ghislaine Ottenheimer, editor in chief of Challenges magazine
    François d'Alançon (HKS), Foreign correspondent at La Croix
    Sylvie Rottman (HLS), senior producer at France24 TV channel


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    Harvard in the French Media

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