Past Speakers

    Through its Harvard Dialogues, our association seeks to stimulate intellectual debates with leaders who are transforming our world in a wide range of areas, including politics, business, academia, culture. Our past Distinguished Speakers featured (selective) :

    Pic Joseph NYE

    Professor Joseph NYE

    Former Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School and current Harvard Distinguished Service Professor.

    Originator of the famous concept of « soft power », Prof. Nye is considered as one of the most influential foreign policy scholars in the world. In 2014, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry appointed Nye to the Foreign Affairs Policy Board. 

    At the Harvard Club of France, Prof Nye laid out the power shifts of the 21st century that he anticipates.

    Ms Irina BOKOVA

    Director General of UNESCO and Harvard alumna.

    Ms Bokova spoke about the crucial importance of protecting cultures in times of war. 

    Pic Irina BOKOVA

    Enrique PENA NIETO

    President of Mexico

    In his keynote address, President Peña Nieto outlined his vision for Mexico in the 21st century.


    Dr. Larry SUMMERS

    Former President of Harvard University and former Director of the White House Economic Council for President Barack Obama.

    Dr Summers, one of the world’s leading economists, delivered an insightful analysis of the upcoming economic challenges facing the developed world.

    Pic Larry SUMMERS

    Prof. Emmanuel GAILLARD

    One of the world’s leading international arbitration lawyers and a former Harvard Law School visiting professor.

    Prof. Gaillard explained his strategy for winning the Yukos v. Russia case, the largest-ever arbitration award ($50 billion).

    Dr. Drew FAUST

    President of Harvard University and the first woman to ever serve in that position. She was ranked as the 33rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine in 2014. 

    Prof. Faust delivered an inspiring talk on her vision for Harvard to educate citizens, pursue academic excellence and train the world’s future leaders.

    Harvard University president, Drew Gilpin Faust was photographed on Harvard's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Official Portrait Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer
    La SNCF, qui juge "incompréhensible" l'appel à la grève de six syndicats de cheminots pour le 13 novembre, est prête à négocier sur les rémunérations et la création d'une retraite complémentaire, a déclaré mercredi soir son directeur général exécutif Guillaume Pépy. /Photo d'archives/REUTERS/Charles Platiau

    Guillaume PEPY and Julio GOMEZ-POMAR

    Respectively CEOs of SNCF (France) and RENFE (Spain)

    G. Peppy and J. Gomez-Pomar (harvard alumnus) shared their vision for bringing together European citizens and the lessons learned from their joint partnership.

    Pic Julio POMEZ GOMAR
    Amory Lovins, ©Judy Hill

    Amory LOVINS

    Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute and Harvard alumnus

    Named by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 most influential people, Lovins discussed solutions to climate change, oil dependence and nuclear proliferation.


    President of Liberia, Nobel Prize winner and Harvard alumna.

    The 70th most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes magazine, Johnson Sirleaf explained her work for women’s rights and their participation in building peace.

    Pic Daniel FUNG

    Daniel FUNG in conversation with Dominique MOISI

    Current member of China’s upper house and former Harvard visiting scholar, Daniel Fung is the first Chinese national to serve as Solicitor General of Hong-Kong.

    D. Fung debated with D. Moïsi (harvard alumnus) about the future role of the new China-led Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the first post-Bretton Woods international institution.

    sophie thompson
    Mamuka KUDAVA

    Mamuka KUDAVA

    Ambassador of Georgia to France and Harvard alumnus.

    Amb. KUDAVA discussed the foreign policies of Georgia and Russia with Prof. Marie MENDRAS, a leading expert on Russian politics.



    Best-selling author, Internet guru and professor at Harvard Law School.

    Prof. Weinberger gave a thought-provoking talk on the « The New Digital Disorder” — how digital technology is remaking business, education, politics, science and culture.

    Nick LEEDER

    Nick LEEDER

    CEO of Google France.

    Nick Leeder revealed some of the key principles of innovation at Google and how the company fosters an innovative spirit with its employees.


    Dr. Lobsang SANGAY

    Sikyong (« Prime Minister ») of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile and Harvard alumnus.

    Dr Sangay gave an inspiring address on leadership and the threats posed by climate change to Tibet.


    Burhan GAFOOR

    Burhan GAFOOR in conversation with Jacques ATTALI

    Ambassador of Singapore to France and Harvard alumnus.

    Amb. Gafoor discussed the 2009 financial crisis with Jacques Attali, considered as one of the top 100 global thinkers by Foreign Policy.

    Jacques ATTALI