Distinguished Alumni

    Harvard’s reach stretches far beyond the traditional classroom. Harvard faculty, students, and staff hold global leadership roles in a wide variety of disciplines, with some garnering national and international recognition. Faculty of Harvard’s Schools have won a wide selection of prizes; we’ve published the Nobel laureates and Pulitzer prizes, and provided a selective list of heads of state.

    Head of States

    A selection of heads of state holding Harvard degrees:

    buthan Tshering Tobgay
    2004, Prime Minister of Bhutan
    mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
    2002, President of Mongolia
    mexico Felipe Calderón Hinojosa
    2000, President of Mexico
    USA Barack Obama
    1991, President of the United States
     Costa-Rica José María Figueres Olsen
    1991, President of Costa Rica
    ecuador Jamil Mahuad
    1989, President of Ecuador
    bolivia Eduardo Rodriguez
    1988, President of Bolivia
    japan Masako Owada
    1985, Crown Princess of Japan
    united_nation Ban Ki-Moon
    1984, Secretary-General of the United Nations
    HongKong Sir Donald Tsang
    1982, Chief Executive & President, Executive Council, Hong Kong
    Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou
    1981, President of Taiwan
    colombia Juan Manuel Santos
    1981, President of Colombia
    singapore Lee Hsien Loong
    1980, Prime Minister, Singapore
    Taiwan Annette Lu
    1978, Vice President of the Republic of China
    chile Sebastian Pinera
    1976, President of Chile
    USA John Roberts
    1976 – 1979, Chief Justice of the United States
    USA George W. Bush, Jr.
    1975, President of the United States
    pakistan Benazir Bhutto
    1973, Prime Minister of Pakistan
    liberia Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
    1971, President of Liberia
    USA Al Gore
    1969, Vice President of the United States
    mexico Miguel de la Madrid
    1965, President of Mexico
     USA William Rehnquist
    1950, Chief Justice of the United States
    canada Pierre Trudeau
    1945, Prime Minister of Canada
    greece Andreas Papandreou
    1943, Prime Minister of Greece
     USA John F. Kennedy
    1940, President of the United States
    Albania Fan S. Noli
    1912, Prime Minister of Albania
     USA Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    1904, President of the United States
    canada William Lyon Mackenzie King
    1898, Prime Minister of Canada
    USA Theodore Roosevelt
    1880, President of the United States
    USA Rutherford B. Hayes
    1845, President of the United States
    USA John Quincy Adams
    1787, President of the United States
    USA John Adams
    1755, President of the United States

    Nobel Laureates

    Martin Karplus
    Chemistry, 2013
    « For the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems. »

    Alvin Roth
    Economics, 2012
    « For the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design. »

    Jack Szostak
    Physiology and medicine, 2009
    « For pioneering work in the discovery of telomerase, an enzyme that protects chromosomes from degrading. »

    Al Gore
    Nobel Peace Prize, 2007
    « For efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about manmade climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change. »

    Eric S. Maskin, ’72, Ph.D. ’76
    Economics, 2007
    « For having laid the foundations of mechanism design theory. »

    Thomas C. Schelling
    Economics 2005
    « For having enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis. »

    Roy J. Glauber
    Physics, 2005
    « For his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence. »

    Linda B. Buck
    Physiology or Medicine, 2004
    « For discoveries of “odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system. »

    Riccardo Giacconi
    Physics, 2002
    « For pioneering contributions to astrophysics, which have led to the discovery of cosmic X-ray sources. »

    A. Michael Spence, Ph.D. ’72
    Economics, 2001
    « For analyses of markets with asymmetric information. »

    Amartya Sen
    Economics, 1998
    Research on welfare economics

    Robert C. Merton
    Economics, 1997
    For a new method to determine the value of derivatives

    Seamus Heaney
    Literature, 1995
    For poetic works of lyrical beauty and ethical depth, which exalt everyday miracles and the living past

    Elias J. Corey
    Chemistry, 1990
    Devised rules that allow scientists to make complex new molecules from ordinary chemicals

    Joseph E. Murray
    Medicine, 1990
    Developed new procedures for organ transplants (with E. Donnall Thomas, formerly of the University of Washington)

    Norman Ramsey
    Physics, 1989
    Research on separate oscillatory fields to make precise measurements of how various parts of atoms and molecules interact with each other

    Dudley R. Herschbach
    Chemistry, 1986
    Developed techniques enabling scientists to see collisions taking place between pairs of molecules and detect the products of such collisions
    International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
    Peace, 1985

    Carlo Rubbia
    Physics, 1984
    Discovery and investigation of new subatomic particles and their properties

    Nicolaas Bloembergen
    Physics, 1981
    Discovery of laser spectroscopy, whereby atoms can be studied with higher precision

    Torsten Wiesel
    Medicine 1981
    Research on information-processing in the visual system (with David Hubel)

    David Hubel
    Medicine, 1981
    Research on information-processing in the visual system (with Torsten Wiesel)

    Walter Gilbert
    Chemistry, 1980
    Developed methods to work out the structure of DNA

    Baruj Benacerraf
    Medicine or Physiology, 1980
    Discovered that disease-fighting ability is passed on genetically, although the immune-response gene varies from person to person

    Steven Weinberg
    Physics, 1979
    Used mathematical hypotheses to explain electromagnetism and “weak” interactions (with Sheldon L. Glashow)

    Sheldon L. Glashow
    Physics, 1979
    Used mathematical hypotheses to explain electromagnetism and “weak” interactions – two of the four basic forces in nature – according to the same laws (with Steven Weinberg)

    John H. Van Vleck
    Physics, 1977
    Pioneered the application of quantum mechanics to the study of magnetism

    William N. Lipscomb
    Chemistry, 1976
    Research on the structure of boranes, which has increased the understanding of chemical bonding

    Wassily W. Leontief
    Economics, 1973
    Developed the input-output analysis used in forecasting and planning the economy

    Kenneth J. Arrow
    Economics, 1972
    Contributed to the general economic equilibrium theory and welfare theory

    Simon S. Kuznets
    Economics, 1971
    Developed the concept of using GNP as a measure of change in the nation’s economic growth

    George Wald
    Medicine or Physiology, 1967
    Research on the biochemistry of vision

    Robert Burns Woodward
    Chemistry, 1965
    Laboratory synthesis of complex molecules

    Julian S. Schwinger
    Physics 1965
    Contributed to the study of quantum electrodynamics

    Konrad E. Bloch
    Medicine or Physiology, 1964
    Studied the pattern of reactions involved in the biosynthesis of cholesterol and fatty acids

    James D. Watson
    Medicine or Physiology, 1962
    Described the structure of DNA

    Georg von Bekesy
    Medicine or Physiology, 1961
    Demonstrated the physical principles involved in the mechanism of hearing

    Thomas H. Weller
    Medicine or Physiology, 1954
    Application of tissue-culture methods to the study of viral diseases (with J.F. Enders and F.C. Robbins)

    Frederick C. Robbins
    Medicine or Physiology, 1954
    Application of tissue-culture methods to the study of viral diseases (with J.F. Enders and T.H. Weller)

    John F. Enders
    Medicine or Physiology, 1954
    Application of tissue-culture methods in developing a polio virus, the ingredient of the polio vaccine (with F.C. Robbins and T.H. Weller)

    Fritz A. Lipmann
    Medicine or Physiology, 1953
    Identified “coenzyme A” and discovered basic principles in the understanding of proteins

    Edward M. Purcell
    Physics, 1952
    Discovered the nuclear resonance method that measures magnetic fields in atomic nuclei

    Ralph J. Bunche
    Peace, 1950
    Negotiated an armistice in the Middle East

    Henry J. Cadbury
    Peace, 1947
    Chairman, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) of Philadelphia

    Percy W. Bridgman
    Physics, 1946
    Investigations in changes that occur when various materials are subjected to extremely high pressure

    William P. Murphy
    Medicine or Physiology, 1934
    Research on liver treatment of the anemias (with George Minot)

    George Minot
    Medicine or Physiology, 1934
    Research on liver treatment of the anemias (with William P. Murphy)

    T.W. Richards
    Chemistry, 1914
    Research on fixing the atomic weights of chemical elements

    Pulitzer Prize Winners

    The Pulitzer Prizes are awarded annually for outstanding contributions to American journalism, letters, and music. Since 1919, Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded numerous times to Harvard faculty members — and some professors have won multiple times.

    Stephen Greenblatt
    2012, Nonfiction

    Caroline Elkins
    2006, Nonfiction

    Geraldine Brooks
    2006, Fiction

    Samantha Power
    2003, Nonfiction

    Jorie Graham*
    1996, Poetry

    Bert Hölldobler
    1991, Nonfiction

    Edward O. Wilson
    1991, Nonfiction

    Laurel Thatcher Ulrich*
    1991, History

    David Donald
    1988, Biography

    Bernard Bailyn
    1987, History

    Thomas K. McCraw
    1985, History

    Bernard Rands*
    1984, Music

    Paul E. Starr
    1984, Nonfiction

    Edward O. Wilson
    1979, Nonfiction

    Walter Jackson Bate
    1978, Biography

    Alfred Chandler Jr.
    1978, History

    John E. Mack
    1977, Biography

    Donald Martino*
    1974, Music

    Robert Coles
    1973, Nonfiction

    Mario Davidosky*
    1971, Music

    Bernard Bailyn
    1968, History

    George F. Kennan
    1968, Biography

    Leon Kirchner
    1967, Music

    Bernard Malamud
    1967, Fiction

    Perry Miller***
    1966, History

    Howard Mumford Jones
    1965, Nonfiction

    Walter Jackson Bate
    1964, Biography

    David Donald*
    1961, Biography

    Walter Piston
    1961, Music

    Samuel Eliot Morison**
    1960, Biography

    Archibald MacLeish
    1959, Drama

    Archibald MacLeish
    1953, Poetry

    Oscar Handlin
    1952, History

    Walter Piston
    1948, Music

    Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
    1946, History

    Robert Frost
    1943, Poetry

    Samuel Eliot Morison
    1943, Biography

    Paul Herman Buck
    1938, History

    Ralph Barton Perry
    1936, Biography

    Robert Hillyer
    1934, Poetry

    Archibald MacLeish*
    1933, Poetry

    Frederick J. Turner
    1933, History

    Edward Channing
    1926, History

    Harvey Cushing
    1926, Biography

    Mark A. DeWolfe Howe
    1925, Biography

    Charles McIlwain
    1924, History

    Henry Adams
    1919, Biography

    * Prize awarded before appointment to the faculty.
    **Prize awarded after retirement from the faculty.
    ***Prize awarded posthumously.


    Source: Harvard.edu